Compositions By James Gibson

Opera & Stage:

Henry the Sixth Part 1 (in progress)

Svanvit (in progress)

Incidental music for Robinson Jeffers' 'Medea'--fl, Eng hn/Alto sax, 2 tpts, timp, perc, harp (or zither or guit), women's voices


Freely Float (small orchestra)

Morning of the World

Roads to Aachen

Sixmile Creek

Symphony no. 1, "Oceans"

Wind Ensemble:

St. Elmo's Fire


Piano Concerto no. 1

Mar Tirreno (solo flute, strings)

Voyager (piano, chamber orchestra)

Choral Music:


Alleluia, Alleluia


A Song of Joys - In progress

Baltic Moments

Behold, He Is Coming

Bittern in the Marsh

Daybreak (Sandburg)

Gospel According to St. Mark, Ch. 1

Kyrie eleison (in Greek)

Lamm Gottes (in German)

Native Trails

Pachacua Prio

Pai Nosso

Pensieri Montanei

Psalm 1

Psalm 26 (in German)

Requiem for the Guatemalan Earthquake Victims

Sea Dancers

Sliding Words

Song of Compassion

Songs of the Earth

The Savior

Visions de Tunisie

Wyoming Winds



Solo Instrument:

Awakening (flute; published by Dorn)

Chihende (flute)

Fire Dance (cello)

Helping Hands (oboe)

Medieval Dance (trumpet)

Morning Song (guitar)

November Whispers (trombone)

Pelagic Cormorants (viola)

Puppet Dance (cello)

Riding the Coast Starlight (flute)

Round Dance (cello)

Rounding the Peninsula (English horn)

Semya (flute)

Yellow Warbler (flute)

Solo Piano:

A More Peaceful Day

Anton Chekhov

A River In Maine

Baltic Islands

Cancion de las Montanas

Cancion Duverge



Dream Rhapsody

Early Morning Abilene Station

Fantasy no. 1

Flight Song

Impromptu no. 1

Irish Prayers

Jeux du Printemps

Meditation on the Gospel of Luke

Meditation on the Resurrection of Christ


Night Flight to Bangkok


Prayer Waltz

Reaching Deep Into Night

Rhapsody no. 1


Second Threshold




Zurich (from Schweizerische Miniaturen)

Voice with Piano:

25 Songs (Various Poets)

A Clear Midnight (Walt Whitman)

An den Gralprinzen (Elsa Lasker-Shuler)

Arides (Ezra Pound)

Bring Light to Life Through Love (Biblical)

Brown thrasher

Comfort Your Hearts (2nd Thessalonians)

Kinsley, Kansas 1952 (Dwayne Thorpe)

Nuits de Juin

Oh God, Thou Art My God (Psalm 63)

Promenade d'Automne (Laura Siefert)

The Moon (Robert Louis Stevenson)

The Ocean (Nathaniel Hawthorne)

Tinkly Song (Joyce Carol Oates)

Twilight (Walt Whitman)

Chamber Music:

Aldebaran-- flute, zither or guitar, piano

Acqua -- Voices, flute, piano, 2 small drums

Ancient Crossroads -- 2 flutes, piccolo, bass flute

Audubon's Shearwaters -- 2 flutes, percussion

Barbary Coast -- flute, violin, cello

Birding in Sweden -- horn, viola, vibraphone

Black Dwarf Star--flute, trombone, percussion, piano, viola, cello

Bluethroated Hummingbird -- flute, cello

Boreal Chickadee -- clarinet, cello

Carolina Coast -- violin, cello

Cancion de Cervantes--string quartet

December Fog -- oboe, percussion

Eurasian Wrens-- flute, clarinet

Fantasy No. 1 -- cello, piano

Fast and Sweet--jazz for variable instruments

Giocattoli --flute, cello, piano

Gdynia, na dworcu -- English horn, guitar

In Northern Forests -- English horn,voices, piano

Introspect -- 3 flutes

Logan Canyon--flute,recorder, horn, percussion, piano, cello

Mangroves and Moonlit Beaches --flute, clarinet, trombone, percussion, piano, strings

Meadow Caprice -- variable instrumentation

Morning Wings -- flute, oboe, alto sax, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, percussion, piano, violin, viola, cello

Motion Magic -- a collection of many short dance pieces for various instruments

Mountains -- string quartet

Moving On -- bassoon, double bass, percussion

Northsong -- voice, cello

Perdue...Trouvee -- 2 alto saxophones

Piano Magic -- a collection of many short pieces for piano with pre-recorded sound, other sound devices and ambient sound

Piano Quartet no. 1--violin, viola, cello, piano

Poem (Sandburg) -- oboe, soprano, 2 percussion

Psalm 15 -- soprano, cello

Qooyanasat -- string quartet

Owls of Ita-Suomi -- unison voices, cello

Remembering Takemitsu -- flute, trombone, 2 percussion, cello

Rencontre Parisienne -- clarinet, piano, dancers

Sanderlings -- two flutes

Sandhill Cranes -- voice, viola, cello

Schweizerische Miniaturen (Bodensee, Zurich (piano solo), Engiadina, Lago di Lugano, Susten Pass, Au Lac de Neuchatel, Grotti, Jura Vaudois) -- clarinet, piano

Shelby's Lullaby (John I. Nash) -- voice, violin, cello , piano

Silence --(John Gracen Brown) -- soprano, clarinet, trombone, piano, timpani, vibraphone

Snowy Owls in Newfoundland --two pianos

Songs of the Land(Whitman)--soprano, clarinet, horn, cello

Steiermark -- violin, viola, cello (trio or ensemble)

Strati--flute, percussion

Strati II -- flute, percussion

Trio 2017 --- Actor, Dancer, Singer

Tufted Titmice -- flute, alto sax

Variations--clarinet, cello, piano

Venticelli d'Ancona -- voice, violin, viola, cello

Virginia Nights -- violin, viola, double bass

Virginia Shores -- clarinet, viola, piano

Visions of Murzim--2 percussion, piano

Visions of Sirius--2 percussion

Vocalise --flute, 2 voices

Wild West Virginia (James Gibson) -- 2 voice parts, vibraphone

Wind Chimes -- flute, cello

Xochicalco -- violin, piano

Zeta Leonis -- clarinet, 2 percussion