As both a pianist and composer, James Gibson is involved in a number of ongoing and forthcoming projects:


--Live performance in Atlanta of selections from the just-released Living Piano Music cd, later this summer!

--With mezzo soprano Ellena Hogrefe, recording songs by Paul Lombardi, James Gibson

--Video trailer for double opera bill by Lawrence Moss (The Brute/La Serva Padrona)

--CDs of music by living composers including Donald Yu, Gregory Mertl, Edward Green

--Sing/piano on his own songs at the next live AcquaTroupe multiarts event

--Frequent house concerts, private events and benefits, music festivals

Upcoming in 2023-2024

--Original soundtrack music for the feature movie Litany to be released soon

--Piano recitals and concerto appearances in numerous cities

--World premiere of Gibson's opera Henry the Sixth Part 1 (Shakespeare)

--Completion and premiere of his opera Svanvit (Strindberg)

--Original compositions scheduled for performance in every U.S. state

--World Oceans CD no. 2: Piano music by Bohigian, Dolatowski, Gibson, Green, Joyce, Mertl, Moss, Skripko, Wishart

--Original soundtrack music for the feature film '1969' to be released in the near future

Detailed information about all these events and plans will appear on this page and in his newsletter, which may be requested at .

2023-2024 Classical Piano Repertoire

Numerous additional pieces and composers will be added later this year

Solo Piano

Bela Bartok

Ludwig van Beethoven

Joseph Bohigian

Johannes Brahms

Frederic Chopin

Nathan Davis

Claude Debussy

David Dolatowski

Luke Flynn

Frederick Glesser

Arthur Gottschalk

Edward Green

George Gershwin

James Gibson

Charles Halka

Franz Josef Haydn

Karel Husa

Molly Joyce

Ernesto Lecuona

Franz Liszt

Gregory Mertl

Olivier Messiaen

Michael Mikulka

Lawrence Moss

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Nathan Nokes

Norberto Oldrini

Rebecca Oswald

Sergei Prokofiev

Sergei Rachmaninov

Robert Schumann

Alexander Skripko

Betty Wishart

Roumanian Folk Dances

Sonata in D minor, Op. 31 no. 2

Short Pieces for Piano

Six Pieces, Op. 118

Berceuse in D flat major. Op. 57


Preludes, Book II

Capriccio Southwest

Year of the Dragon

Clear Blue


In Praise of Vivid Existence

Prelude no. 2

about 35 compositions (list here)


Sonata in D major, Hob.XVI:37

Sonata no. 2



Etude no. 3, "Un Sospiro"

Pears on a Sill

Prelude no, 1, "La Colombe"



Fantasia in D minor, K. 397

Kent to Cromwell Bridge

Para Lisa

Sonata no. 1

Visions Fugitives (selections)

Prelude in G minor, Op. 23 no, 5

Album fur die Jugend, Op. 68 (selections)

Three Fantasy Pieces

Sonata no. 2

With Orchestra

Ludwig van Beethoven

James Gibson

Edvard Grieg

Concerto no. 5 in E flat major

Concerto no. 1, Voyager

Concerto in A minor