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Living Piano Music

Welcome to the first CD collection of solo piano music composed and performed by James Gibson! This prolific musician displays his diverse range of interests and expertise in a dozen of his best works.

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Composer's Notes on Living Piano Music

I think I chose the title for this album because I feel strongly that all music, no matter how long it has been with us, is a living thing which can change even as we listen to it. Listening to music, for me, is really no different than breathing or seeing or thinking. It is part of a process which is always happening, noticeably or not, within each of us.

A funny thing happened when I was choosing one of several pianos (and rooms) in which to record this music. I had always thought, in the back of my mind, that it would be fascinating to record an album on a piano which somehow sounded old and a bit mysterious. On the day of recording, the piano which seemed most suitable was actually very slightly out of tune in certain registers - a perfect candidate for my imagined antique sound! I hope you find this unusual sound to be as charming as I do.

Mystery and an impressionistic-like atmosphere have always appealed to me in music. This album is an expression of that fondness. Indeed, the location or historic significance of the subjects on which this music is based are sometimes remote, at times almost haunted.

I am deeply grateful to all the people in my life who have inspired me, taught me, loved me and encouraged me to be a composer and pianist. I thank Caitlynn Silvius for her superb mastering of this recording and for her friendship and professional inspiration. Lorraine St. Onge, a friend of more than four decades ago, provided the beautiful cover painting, “Contemplation”. All of my former piano and composition teachers, and so many wonderful members of my extended family, have made my career possible and provided endless inspiration.

-James Gibson

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