James Gibson at Piano

Dr. James Gibson is one of the most prolific musicians in the world today. He has composed nearly 300 classical works in addition to many folk-rock, jazz, country and theatrical songs and piano pieces. His diverse performing career includes about 2000 appearances as a pianist, conductor, singer, actor, and public speaker. When asked what he is passionate about, he might say "98 percent of everything in the universe".

Indeed, his music has many sources of inspiration. Some favorites include bird song, geography, spirituality, poetry, and the connectivity of all life forms. He claims no one style and acknowledges that his compositions are variously reminiscent of many composers, or none at all. "I don't think too much about style or rules, or the influence of other composers" he says. "I just write down the music which is always swirling in my brain." A complete list of his classical pieces is found on the Compositions page of this site.

Education and constant learning have been among the great joys of James Gibson's life. He earned music degrees from the Universities of Michigan and Maryland, and Cornell University. He taught at Cornell, the University of Maine at Fort Kent, and Penn State-Hazleton before retiring to devote himself to composing, performing, writing and teaching privately. In recent years he has been a founding director of two performance-production groups, World Oceans Arts and AcquaTroupe.

Dr. Gibson is a champion of living composers and of artists struggling to build a career. He is dedicated to helping bring music and other arts to audiences and individuals who may not have easy access to performances or recordings. The blog page on this site provides details and updates about his current efforts in that regard.

If you would like to contact James Gibson, feel free to email him at jamesgibsonallarts@gmail.com